I remember getting in trouble for asking too many questions as a child. I guess that’s why I loved philosophy and still like knowledge just for its own sake. I also want to reconnect with you and connect with new folks too, so here are a few points I’m pondering today:

  • Why do I exercise?
  • Why do I own no fewer than four coral cropped/capri pants/leggings?
  • What’s your favorite flower and why?
  • Do you have a favorite color?

And my responses…

  1. I exercise because I feel better when I do. Yes, it’s good for me, but it doesn’t really allow me to eat anything and everything. I’m currently listening to a podcast that suggests exercise slows down the aging process, and that’s cool too, because longevity seems to be in my genes and I want to be as active (mentally and physically) for all of the years I get. I also just really find it satisfying to work out. I will never be a fast runner, but I can run faster, longer, etc. I am comparatively strong, and I enjoy lifting bigger, heavier things, or turning what once was very heavy into a high-repetition weight. In short, I exercise because my body was built to move.
  2. It’s not a purely rhetorical question. It’s a symbol of the rather mindless way I’ve shopped in the past and I’m struggling to purge. I want to only keep what fits and makes me smile when I wear it (those basics we just have to have aside; I love black leggings in the gym, but don’t find joy in black pants, no matter how practical they are or how often I reach for them just because they work). I happen to really like all four pairs of coral things, so they stay until they wear out or I no longer reach for them regularly.
  3. I don’t really have a favorite flower. I love them all. In the past, I have said the gardenia is my favorite, and I do love those dark green, slick leaves and the highly fragrant, creamy blooms, but I also have come to appreciate my grandmother’s favorite carnation for the same reason she gave me… there’s a lot to be said for a bloom with staying power.
  4. See above; many times, I claim green, hunter or emerald or … as my favorite, but if you look around my home, a slightly darker red and every shade of blue dominates the scene in every room except the guest room, which is peach (light coral?) and a nearly teal blue. In my wardrobe, grey is my favorite staple.

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I don’t exercise, other than walking around the house with Thatcher. I’ve never liked exercise, and even if I signed up for a class or something, I wouldn’t do something that I dislike, or that I dread doing. So, while it would be good for me, it won’t be happening.

    I love colors. I wore nothing but blacks and grays for a long time after I lost my dearly beloved, then he told me in a dream one night to stop it because people think I’m one of those crazy goth old ladies. OK, call me crazy for holding conversations with my husband’s ghost, but I’ve earned the right to do whatever I want, as long as I’m harming no one.

    I do love carnations. I like all flowers, but carnations will often last for 2 weeks without any attention. That’s amazing, so if I’m picking up a bunch of flowers, carnations have to be in said bunch. However, if someone brings me flowers, those are my favorites on that particular day, whatever they may be. Even dandelions from a small child.

    Hunter green, royal blue, royal purple, burgundy, pale pinks are my favorites. Really, I don’t like most yellows or oranges, but rich colors do affect your mood, don’t they?

    Happy Labor Day, Chan!


  2. I used to do yoga, still do occasionally when I need to relax. Mostly my exercise comes from chasing dogs around and catering to them.

    I like color combos that would make my grandmother cry, purple and green, pink and orange and my fave, black with brown.

    My favorite flowers are violets. The look small and fragile but they’re tough and are currently taking over my back yard.

    My favorite color is fuchsia. I’m immediately attracted to it. I don’t know why.


  3. I despise work outs and am amazed by anyone who does them including Fireman. My work out of choice is…..trotting with horses at my side! and Scooping horse poop and spreading fresh bedding for them. Sneaky way …. doesn’t feel like work for sure.
    Flowers: hard not to love them all. favorites: gardenia.


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