Remember the word association game? Someone says a word and you say the first word that comes to mind. Today’s word is Scrambler. The “game” started yesterday at work, and to be fair, the first two people knew they were on the same page.

Let’s stop right there. What do YOU see/think when I say scrambler?

Third person confessed he was confused; context made it clear he wasn’t on the right page. He KNEW there was no carnival ride in the parking lot. Google Images to the rescue; there are a HOST of Jeep Scramblers there.

I kinda’ feel life is just a big ol’ scramble for a lot of us right now, with the confusion of a game of telephone mixed with the word association game too. Almost everything is more complicated than it should be, and that adds stress.

For me, I’m managing that stress with sweat. No… I’m still not going to the gym, but I am working out at home. It’s still too hot for running most of the time, but that’s okay because my running partner is currently napping. We worked yesterday, and a long, full workday leaves her exhausted for at least the next day. Before I blame it on her age, she did also pitch in and help cut grass yesterday evening when we got home, so it’s not as though she’s slowing down!

I also have a phenomenal support system. We all need people in our lives who have our backs, make us laugh and build us up. Everyone needs work colleagues who know what your coffee order is, who draw smiley faces on paperwork, etc. We should all have a friend or two who sends well-timed memes, even in a work email.

On that note, let’s lighten it up. Here’s a list of sundries based on my work world:

  • Dunkin’ over Starbucks. Large iced, 2 whole milk, 2 flavor swirls.
  • Blue gel ink, not fine point.
  • All the pink “clickable” highlighters, with a green or two in reserve.
  • Chrome, even when a website says it may perform better something else.
  • Don’t give me papers; share it in Google Docs or if you’re old school, send a digital file.
  • Salty over sweet, but please Covid, bring the popcorn machine back!
  • Filtered water, but if it has to be a soda, make it Dr. Pepper.
  • ALL the post-its. Baby notes for brief comments, traditional (UNLINED!!) squares for most, but sometimes a message requires the double-sized version.

What are your not so secret keys to a happy desk life?

3 thoughts on “Scrambler

  1. My neighbors just rang the doorbell to let me know their security camera caught the guys who stole the catalytic converter from our Prius. This is a couple that has not allowed the other neighbors to get to know them well, who don’t come to the annual block parties, who don’t socialize.

    And yet they knew, they felt our pain, and they came over because they could at least help a little bit about it. I would never have expected that of them, and I am beyond grateful.


  2. I keep steno books for notes on my work. AT this point, I’m up to 3, because, well, 3 separate business things going on. I file paper, keep printed copies of things, love me a good #1 (extra soft) pencil, and was gifted 2 (not one, but two) sterling silver Tiffany ballpoint pens. Talk about the height of extravagance! But they feel so good when I’m writing, just as good as my old gold Cross pens. Love me a good post-it, of course. And now I have a small white board in my kitchen for organizing dumb things I gotta do around the house, and keeping track of what I eat. With Patrick around, it’s easier to remember to eat, but still….

    I paid for a year’s subscription to Denise Austin. I was doing her video workouts every day until we went on vacation, and I was away so much in July that I lost the habit. So I’m going to have to make myself start again Monday. Note to self: everyone seems to approve of using cans of soup in lieu of hand weights. Her morning stretches are nice (and free on youtube, if you want to try them). I have kept doing those every morning while I await my first cup of tea.

    And I really, really want sweet stuff! I keep sugar free jello in my fridge for when the urge hits. And I’ve still only been to the supermarket once since February, when I needed carrots for Ryan’s birthday cake….

    Glad you’re doing well, Chan! (And scrambler, to me, is me, someone who can do multiple things at once, and pull a sense of order out of chaos when required.)


  3. Your list is fun! I don’t work per say but, my desk:
    Too many folders that need to be sorted out and tossed for the most part.
    I love markers and I need some new ones. I love note pads. But Im trying to use the LIST on my apple phone
    My return address stamp. I love it.


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