Things I’m *NOT* Doing

This trying to get back in the habit of writing/blogging regularly isn’t going so well. Thankfully, there are always Sunday Sundries, so I can just throw mud at the wall and see what sticks. Here’s a quick update with the theme of things I’m NOT doing:

  • Cruising the aisles in the grocery store – They could charge me an arm and a leg and I’d still opt in. I have always hated grocery shopping, and now, I don’t have to! My time is valuable, and never again will I have to lose my temper at self-checkout. I first tried it on a hot summer day when I couldn’t leave THE GIRL in the car, but didn’t want to have to take her home and come back to town. I’m hooked. My substitutions have been less than one per order, and honestly, they pick better meat and produce than I do.
  • Traditional shampoo/conditioner haircare – I’ve been a fan of “co-wash” since I first tried Wen, way back. (Thanks, Ruth!) My hair prefers a different brand, but at least once a week, sometimes twice, I reach for the conditioning wash rather than traditional shampoo. After a frizzy summer, I’m researching and dabbling with the Curly Girl Method and letting my waves run wild. (My hair has been described as surly – not straight, not curly – and that’s accurate. It can lean in either direction, but the only thing I can count on is my hair will do what it wants.)
  • Not going to the gym – As with pre-ordering my groceries and having them almost magically appear in my car, this wasn’t planned, but COVID played its part. Gyms closed, and while they have re-opened, I haven’t gone back. I hit ladies group when I can on Saturdays, but otherwise, I’m doing my own thing. It feels safer on so many levels, and while I miss barbells and a huge selection of dumbbells and kettlebells, I’m doing just fine with my very limited offerings at home.
  • Reading – This one needs to change. I miss reading, but can’t seem to pick up any of the dozens of books waiting to be read. I’ve managed a few here and there, but can’t seem to get back in the habit.

What are YOU not doing? Any tips for me on online grocery procurement, making peace with my wild hair, or how to re-connect with my lifelong reading habit?

4 thoughts on “Things I’m *NOT* Doing

  1. Not getting my hair cut. It’s long enough that I’ve been combing the wet curls straight with the part at midline and pulled in front, half on each side, snipping across. Not the best haircut in the world but not bad. I look forward to a real haircut but I can’t risk bringing exposure home to my husband.


  2. alison says:

    I filled out the name/email/website and it autofilled in with a p at the end of com, resisted my efforts to remove it, and posted it without me. So if anybody tries that’s what happened.

    I’ve been reading more because my daughter, stuck here because the Oregon fires are still going near the freeway, can’t drive back there, her laptop’s at her sister’s up there, and she’s been using my computer in the evenings. So I’ve read books rather than news stories in the evening.




  3. I’m not working or volunteering at the barn anymore Chan. IT is a big NOT. After getting injured in February when a big mare knocked me down, and then COVID, we just can’t go back. I am not in line with their thinking right now. They do not require masks of students or volunteers. Seeing fragile people who are handicapped in my nursing career, I cannot understand why the Barn needs to take risks. I read a couple books this summer ! I loved Death in the Grand Canyon and I loved Nobody will Tell you This but me. However, I’d rather read than knit any day. Good to have a post from YOU!


  4. I’m not blogging, nor visiting blogs. I’m not grocery shopping; I get a veggie box from Misfits Markets every other week, and get a bulk pack of chicken, beef or whatnot from a local butcher (bulk only is about 10 pounds for me nowadays), and flats of 30 eggs at a time. I am visiting my kids. I am walking around my yard every day. And I am driving to Knoxville in 2 weeks (again) to visit the new twins. Several people are having conniptions about me driving 650 miles, but while I’m old, I’m not incapacitated. Just waiting for that vaccine! But I did go to the pharmacy for my 2 shingles shots and my flu shot. No point to risking catching something other than the ‘rona.

    Happy Friday, a month late….


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