Who out there has broken up with Apple? (No, I don’t want to hear from the Android all along crowd, unless you have break-up information.) I’m not big on regrets, but right now, I’m really sorry I let my first smartphone, an Android, turn into an Apple. (It was a company phone, and…) I’ve been quite the i-Girl for a long while, but especially after FOUR calls to/from Apple to sort out something that was actually straightforward (and not resolved to my liking), I wish I could just trade in my phone, watch and tablet and make a clean break.

I don’t like proprietary bunk, and I especially don’t like being told I can’t wholly edit my account. Sadly, all of my i-devices are alive and quite well, so I can’t really switch them all out in the foreseeable future.

I am Google and Chrome all the way, and may have sincerely been one of the first people with a Gmail account, so it makes sense to go Android when I can, but if Apple won’t allow me to change my “alias” email (I can add, but can’t delete the one I want to see go away), it makes me want to plan my break-up NOW, ages before it will happen.

So if you’ve made the switch, what do I need to know? What do I need to do? I know apps will change, and that’s not the worst thing. I can certainly download all of the photos and save the important (read: dog!) ones, and I presume the phone company will have some way to export/import contacts – or not?! (I am suddenly reminded of all of the friends who post on Facebook “New phone; lost all contacts… message me with your number please!”)

I’m going to go do some yoga. I actually told one of the Apple reps he made me want to throw my phone – and I meant it.

3 thoughts on “Un-Apple?

  1. I cannot help you Channon. Im so inept. I fear having to change devices! I usually spend a day on the phone with Apple and Im ok then. I cannot stand going to the APPLE store. It makes my brain hurt


  2. Ryan went from Android to an Apple work phone, and when he left that job, he changed his personal phone to an iphone. Evidently, he had no trouble getting the contacts and stuff ported to his new phone, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for you in the reverse. No words of wisdom here, just a spot of (maybe) hope. Oh, and I have an android phone, but I was also gifted an ipad air several years back. I don’t even try to make my phone and tablet work together – not sure what the point would be – so I don’t know if that makes any difference to you. And I still wear a Timex mechanical watch with an old fashioned dial on it, despite one daughter’s urging to get a smart watch/step counter, so I can’t comment on that, either.


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