Ides of March

Beware the ides of March.

There’s lots to beware of right now, but the original use of that phrase meant it was the deadline for settling debts, not a foreshadowed death day. Shakespeare made the phrase famous, along with lots of others. I love quotes and etymology, and I’m still surprised at all the phrases credited to Shakespeare. (All that glitters is not gold, for instance…)

I also love comfort food. I made chicken and dumplings in the Instant Pot last night (note: Italian seasoning isn’t a great substitute for poultry seasoning), and I’m making tuna noodle casserole tonight, but what you need to know about is Southern Living’s Pecan Pie Brownies.

Basically blogless Susan found it first. Right now, I think she and I are passing more recipes back and forth than books or dog photos, and that’s saying something. The only change is if you actually like the taste of bourbon, more than double the amount in the pecan topping. She followed the recipe, I doubled it, and neither of us feels there’s anywhere close to enough bourbon flavor.

Regardless, it’s amazingly rich, delicious and while it won’t cure what ails you (I’m still more concerned about the local gastric bug than the pandemic, but appreciate the buffer social distancing will add), it will allow you to get lost in your taste buds for a little while. Last night I had it with a glass of milk, but it would love a cup of coffee too.

(I haven’t worked on my food photography skills, so just follow the link if you need a visual, but really what you need is a scent-o-matic screen. I couldn’t wait for them to completely cool before serving, and while it looked like… potting soil and sugared pecan bits, it still tasted great. It’s all set up and firm now, so if tonight’s slice comes out and I am not too eager to get it in my mouth, maybe I’ll try a photo.)

2 thoughts on “Ides of March

  1. Those look dangerously good.

    Our rainy season decided to come back for a visit after staying away last month and most of January, which means it is cold as well as wet here. Comfort food is a very enticing thing.

    We’re at the one month mark of self-quarantining already for having possibly had the virus, and now we get another two weeks at least. The kitchen makes for a good refuge.


  2. Wow. Trading recipes is usually a win win. Im glad you are posting Channon!!!!
    I am knitting a baby blanket in bulky. I spent most of the night writing a note on my friends campaign mailing. Telling folks the CITY HALL is taking early voting . So covid doesnt have to keep people from voting on VOTE day. It was the least I could do.
    Zach is getting his new kitten tomorrow. I am so excited for him


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