Ankles and Probiotics

Yeah. That’s how my mind works. I’m positive I’ve shared Baby Tuckoo and the moo-cow (James Joyce, the stream of consciousness master) before, but that really is what goes on in my head.

My ankles are the complication right now. I’ve been doing body tempering and mobility work for a while, but clearly not enough to make my rigid ankles happy. They don’t bother me when I’m not running, (as in LITERALLY, only while running) and how much they bother me varies from day to day (shoe to shoe?). Ironically, I can jump rope longer than I want to without incident, regardless of what shoes – or none – I’m wearing.

(Yes, I have access to two amazing local running shops, but gee, neither is open for business and I’m not yet motivated to do a video chat with either of them.)

And probiotics. I have this notion I should be taking one, but don’t think the one I’m using is worth much. I have a love-hate relationship with supplements. I take them when it seems there is a need, and if they help, I continue. If they don’t, I ditch them. (Yeah… I need to add a multi-vitamin to my routine too.)

No, I can’t go to my healthcare professional. For starters, there’s this whole COVID-19 thing, but beyond that, I broke up with my long-time doc two years ago, because she landed in the middle of a mega-practice that is no longer remotely convenient to work or home. I didn’t click with the test-drive I took last year, and now we’ve changed insurance providers, so…

Here we are. When the air clears and the pollen settles, I already know who I’m making my annual appointment with, but who knows when that will be?!

Ironically, Gretchen has a great probiotic and we notice a difference when she’s off it. She too has a love-hate relationship with multi-vitamins and is currently refusing to take hers. Her joint supplement is also on the “no thanks” list, but if I crumble it up in her breakfast, down it goes and the gal is spunkier than she needs to be, so… all is well.

And for the record, being healthy ain’t cheap.

What’s running through your mind these days?

3 thoughts on “Ankles and Probiotics

  1. Best wishes with the new doctor. I’m sorry the other one ended up so far away.

    Mine retired last year, I got assigned someone new, and he was, um, okay, but… I went in on a day he wasn’t there, got someone else, looked her up afterwards and found that her practice was full but asked if she’d take me on anyway–and she did. I am so glad I asked and so glad for her generosity! She’s been wonderful.

    I’m hoping for that level of wonderfulness for you, too. I like having good people looking out for my friends.


  2. Well, I was running a long list. But yesterday ,I checked them off while i prayed before I got out of bed. We are all healthy. My kids are working. The weather is getting better. I m trying to stay positive. Shutting off the news is a good thing for me. Ive reached capacity I think


  3. Some days go better than others. I always get up and always get dressed and always eat breakfast and dinner. So there’s that. Even though I don’t often go out, being told I *can’t* go out really sticks in my craw. I’m too old and independent to let someone order me around.


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