What makes it Christmas?

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas…

This year, a lot of holiday traditions (and routine life things!) are out the window, so I’m focusing on what makes it feel like Christmas for me. I whittled my gift-giving and card sending lists down several years ago, and the divorce cropped them even more. In fact, there are precious few folks I *HAVE* to give to, and the ones I choose to give to are very much the type of folks who appreciate thoughtful, personal gifts.

So, cards, sending and receiving, are a big part of the season for me. I don’t do a year in review letter, and it’s been years since I’ve done a truly reflective year-end blog post too, but I love getting them from my friends. Not everyone is on Facebook, and even those who are, well… things get missed and it’s nice to catch up.

I like to look at lights, but don’t do much at my own house outside. Most years I do a fresh wreath on both doors, but so far that hasn’t happened either.

I bake. And I bake. Friends and family expect fudge and know that other things might show up, and some make requests. I enjoy it. I don’t eat 99% of what I make, but the feedback suggests that my lack of taste-testing is hardly a problem.

But my favorite Christmas routine and what makes it really feel special is my tree. Most of my ornaments are old and have history. I cry, I remember and I love every minute of decorating the tree. I wish I could have a fresh tree, but the former firefighter in me just can’t do it; it’s such a fire hazards!

Maybe I’ll pop in throughout the month and share some of my favorite ornaments and recipes. We can start with the decadent German Chocolate Cupcakes I made yesterday… They are a bit time consuming, with three separate components, but I’ve made them twice and my co-workers offer high praise. In fact, one whose last day was Friday reminded me that his birthday is next week… (No. That’s not how this works, but I’m flattered that he enjoyed them that much.) I’m a good baker, but I’m no decorator, and my usual crowd doesn’t care what they look like!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Recipes?

4 thoughts on “What makes it Christmas?

  1. Those look really, really good.

    My daughter introduced me to a recipe that uses lemon curd whipped with mascarpone as the icing, and I love them. My typical Christmas cookie, though, is simply ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, then dipped halfway in melted chocolate.


  2. Channon We are with you as your tears fall. WE too have artificial trees. Those german chocolate cupcakes look amazing. I can’t bake worth a lick. Tomorrow i will TRY to make homemade graham crackers. We are dropping some things at a friends home, on our way to see the lights , and I want to give them something baked. Wish me luck. We had to line the trees with foil on the floor, because Beatles has decided he would like to get sick eating the fake needles! Ugh> IT is kind of funny. We won’t see Al or Zach, or anyone, for that matter due to COVID. WE are by the book. No messing around . WE mask, we distance and we keep busy. We hope for the day we can all be together again.> Its coming. There has been family drama with my family of origin. A sister who is cruel and an estate the only she can see. I’m letting it all go Channon, but it is difficult!


  3. Channon, I hope next year brings joy and good things to you my friend. I am making a point of thanking all the bloggers I read for their candor, their openness, their sharing. We open ourselves up for everyone. The crafting we share is the commonality bu tthe kindness seems abundant in this community.

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