This is at least the third time I’ve sat down to get this post… posted.

Who knew how appropriate Resilient was as my word of the year last year when I chose it?! Honestly, 2020 wasn’t the worst year for me. I’m an introvert (really – there’s a whole class of us who present as extroverts, but I am truly content without groups) with a stable, “essential” job, and my work family is amazing. My work family includes some of my besties, and we have gotten even closer and better about supporting each other this year.

The worst of it for me was not being able to take Gretchen into the vet’s when she was sick, but again, my vets and their staff are also the best. Baby girl and I both lived through it, she got better, and we’ve added a urinary tract supplement to her pharmacopeia. My work family was remarkable through that little mess too.

I missed a lot. I hate to even mention that I didn’t pay off my debt as planned, but my financial planner laughed at me and said not adding to my debt was a win for 2020. I miss heavy lifting and running, but my body isn’t feeling either activity right now. I’m annoyed that I didn’t get Christmas cards out again in 2020, and that I didn’t make big strides in my decluttering (until this past week), but compared to what some have missed, I can’t complain.

So with a hopeful heart, my word for 2021 is soar. I don’t really have a great explanation. It’s on my heart and came up when I did the My Intent quiz. I’m already doing two things I know I need to do to move onward and upward; I’m writing (here and now) and reading. I finished The Midnight Library for my book club, and now I’m reading It Began With A Dream.

Do you have resolutions? A word for the year? Hopes? Dreams? Right now, I know hope is driving the bus for me. Current events are pretty intense, and while I love my job, I’m ready for some smooth sailing without all of the challenges and curve balls we’ve had thrown our way.

2 thoughts on “Soar

  1. I am so looking forward to getting the vaccine and then getting to travel to see my kids and my grandkids. The preemie baby we helped take care of for three weeks as her mother recovered from two surgeries in two weeks is now babbling and happy and seems to have finally figured out she can’t climb through the screen to come to us. I can’t wait to be really real to her.


    • It is great to have you back!!! Soar is a great word.
      My resolution is not to explain. I have this bad habit of telling people who have no business knowing why….
      just why. Im going back to : Why do you ask?
      Or just, “No I cannot do that” without explanation.

      Lets see if I can do it!@


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