Humbling is thinking you’re fit and strong and doing a workout of the day and discovering you have PLENTY of room for improvement.

Disclaimer: I don’t speak Crossfit. The only reason I know to call what I just did 21.2 is because CVG’s Instagram feed told me to. I happen to know how to do dumbbell snatches because I spent 3 years in a great gym, but I had to turn to YouTube to figure burpee box jump overs. (Hint: burpee + box jump ain’t quite it. Again, I’ve done something similar, but my gym was no Crossfit gym.)

Empowering is making what you have work for you – and work you HARD. I don’t have heavy dumbbells at home, so I scaled down by more than half, which honestly, wasn’t ideal. I’m not going to be so bold as to say I could have pushed through with a 35# instead of a 15#, but… instead of saying “I don’t have the right equipment so I can’t do it” I modified and I assure you, I still got a great workout. I don’t have a box for box jumps, but ironically, I’d just whined about this to my guy, and he – King of adapt and blow them away anyway – pointed out that the two stumps in the yard are roughly level and roughly small box, big box sizes.

So, after roughly a year of no box jumps, I started on soft, mossy ground (read: unlevel), and did it anyway. I still want heavier dumbbells, and I still want the sweet, dense foam boxes I once knew… but I can make do and sweat heavily without them.

As always, my faithful cheerleader kept me company, even if she thought it was weird. She also enjoyed looking for her lizard friends (too soon, sweet girl) and chasing squirrels, which she can’t do in a gym. Pros and cons…

What are you making excuses to avoid?

2 thoughts on “21.2

  1. Knitting, if you can believe it. It’s like all the fun’s been sucked out of it when I can’t see anybody and get some idea of who needs it and anticipate making them happy.

    Four more days till my first vaccine shot and then I can go to a LYS and huff yarn fumes. There’s not even a target date yet for my husband to get his. Our county shut down hard and early and has been exceedingly adhering to the health guidelines, with the result that the state decided, Oh, you’re rich and not at risk so you get allotments dead last out of the 58 counties.

    I can see where they’re coming from but it does feel like punishing the well behaved.

    We’ve missed our granddaughter’s babyhood and now she’s starting to talk. I tell you, there’s going to be a grandparent tsunami at the airlines once everybody’s good to go.


  2. Well, I finally quit the excuses and got back to weight watcher guidelines and have shed 5 of ten covid pounds. I agree with Allison the punishment for the well behaved seems to be how we felt . I recall you really getting a lot out of your running and workouts! Hope the adrenaline is your friend again.


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